Our Projects

Burrows Pocket Park:

The PNA continues to work with a variety of neighborhood stakeholders to improve and this neighborhood gathering spot through new plantings, the little free library, and much more. The Pocket Park was created with the help of a variety of neighborhood stakeholders, nonprofits, and City agencies. 

San Bruno Tree Lighting:

The PNA installed lights around the trees along San Bruno during the holiday season. These lights provide the corridor with character and serve an invitation to patronize the San Bruno later in the evening. The lights were so well received that we've decided make them a year round addition to the neighborhood.

Alemany Island Mural & Plantings:

One of the main entry points into our neighborhood is via Alemany, and the PNA has committed itself to making sure that this entrance is as beautiful as possible. We have overseen the creation of the highly visible "snake pit" mural, as well as initiated countless plantings & cleanings in this area. 

Facade Improvements:

The PNA is engaged with corridor merchants about implementing facade improvements for their buildings. There are countless ways that merchants can make their buildings more attractive, and we are committed to helping businesses achieve their desired look while also contributing to the attractiveness of the corridor.