Portola Community Calendar

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To subscribe to this calendar, go to your own calendar and search for "enjoytheportola@gmail.com" under "other calendars"

Do you have an event you’d like added to the calendar? 

Please email your event info to hello@portolasf.org. Include event title, description, date and time, website, and cost, if any. Please feel free to include a link or event flyer. 

Guidelines for Submission Approval:

Portola Neighborhood Association will post information regarding activities, programs, community meetings, events and festivals organized by an individual, community member, organization and business. 

Anyone may submit to add an event to the calendar but will only be approved if:

(1) Event aligns with the mission and vision of the PNA

Please refer to website “about us” section to learn more about the PNA.

(2) Event submission may not be added to the calendar, if:

    • The specific date one has selected has exceeded the number of events that can be displayed

    • The event is not a high priority:

      • Events taking place within the district that promote and support PNA mission and values are priority

      • Events taking place outside of the district and align with the mission and values are second priority

      • Private events will not be added to the calendar

(3) Event must serve the Portola community

Please email hello@portolasf.org if you have any questions.